Shadow and Seasons is base platform for the creative projects and endeavors of Carl E. Smith.

Celebrating Art & Design

My creative work celebrates art and the artist, design and the designer. I am optimistic and so are the people I work with. Primary interests include functional design principles, user experience and a clean aesthetic.

As an arts advocate, I am passionate about the concept of art and design as a universal language.

Carl E. Smith

b. 1976, Laguna Beach, CA

Lives and works: Laguna Beach / Los Angeles, CA

Carl E. Smith specializes in art and design. He has worked in a multitude of mediums across a variety of industry sectors.

As a gallery director, Smith has organized and produced exhibitions and other art events in California and internationally for the past two decades. He has supported artists on a myriad of commercial and fine art platforms.

As an artist and designer Smith has developed graphics, products and brand identities for an international group of clients.

His dedication to art advocacy manifests through his series of specialized workshops for artists.

Smith is the Chair of the Contemporary Circle at the Laguna Art Museum.