Art As A Career

The Art as a Career workshop, developed by gallery director, Carl E. Smith, seeks to promote transparency and provide real-world solutions and skills that empower artists in exploring and entering the professional work space. Participants are encouraged to define their artistic agenda and identify with their own version of the art world.

The series also includes a series of practical workshops that provides participants with the concepts, tools, and resources available in the physical and digital fine arts professions. They will learn about current systems within the contemporary fine arts, and ways to interact in their unique version of the art world.

The current series of workshops and lectures is customizable and is intended for instruction on site.

Please inquire about an Art as a Career workshop for your university, community college, or community arts program by sending an email to:

Various Institutions: Coastline College, USCB, Marshall University

Work: Lecturing, Curriculum Development, Instruction

I was recently recognized for the Art as a Career workshop and am the recipient of a 2019 Joan C. Edwards Distinguished Professorship in the Arts from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.