River is an evolving platform for artists and art advocacy. Its primary shape is a contemporary art gallery.

As a gallery, River operates on a non-traditional, carefully-constructed platform for local and international artists. River produces solo shows to streamline the artist-gallery working dynamic. This model creates a much-needed space for mentorship in a transparent, honest, and familial incubator-style environment for the artists in the program. The gallery champions artists who exude positive values personally and professionally.

As an alternative space, River contributes to the current arts dialogue in Los Angeles as it rapidly evolves. The platform will also support art and culture via alternative, non-commercial programming. Inspired by nature, River will carve out its own path.


Work: Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Website, Online Marketing,  Social Media, Brand Management, Artist Relationships, Exhibition Production & Design, Inventory Management, Art Fairs, Art Sales, Art Handling, Administrative Duties, Employee Management and Training.